The Internet has democratised information. Not entirely, of course, but on a scale previously unseen. Today, we can follow breaking news on Twitter, compare multiple sources at the click of a mouse, and learn about a diverse range of topics.

And, in turn, we can self-publish. Whether you are an aspiring novelist or a start-up looking for your first customer, if, as Seth Godin says below, you have a laptop and access to the Internet, there is little you can't do. 

So it is important that we are proactive and use this moment well. Who do you want to reach? Who do you want to build connections with?

We have a chance to take on the big players in whatever space we work in. The playing ground is not yet even, but each of us can take our turn in the field of our choosing. Of course, more access means more competition - but the best voices will be heard above the clamour. 

We don't know how long this window of opportunity will remain open. We have to act now. 

Who do you want to notice you?