It is easy to place the lion's share of our content marketing efforts on creation - planning, writing synopses, drafting, editing, designing, proofing, etc. We know we then have to create associated conversion paths and need to share our content in social and, ideally, make time to engage with folk around it. 

But do we know where to concentrate our efforts? Have we carried out the research to understand where our most important buyer personas are spending time and attention in the social space economy?

I believe we have all asked the question as to where we think folk are hanging out and may well have carried out elements of qualitative research. But, as often as not, we have not followed through with quantitative research.

What are the numbers, and how do we come by them?

If this is you, consider reading Beth Hayden's excellent post on smart social media research (below). Do this and you will discover:

  • How to conduct interviews with your ideal clients   
  • How to set up a survey and gather data from your audience
  • How to find websites similar to yours
  • How to find which social platforms the visitors of those sites use to share content
  • How to research your target social platform and make sure it’s a match for your customers’ preferences and worldviews

All of this matters as without a laser focus our efforts can become diluted and consequently less efficient. Knowing those two channels that matter and, subsequently, resisting the urge to get published on Medium, featured on Instagram and seen on Periscope is vital to success. 

That is unless you have the resource, the budget, and the know-how to become all things to all men, all of the time, everywhere.