When we create content for our businesses we, of course, want it to be useful. It needs to address our reader's specific interests and concerns. We also want it to be well-written. The sentences should flow with ease - perhaps eliciting a chuckle here; a nod of agreement there. 

But this, in itself, is not always enough to capture our audience's attention. Yes, there's a lot of terrible content out there - but there's a lot of fantastic, useful information too. 

It's difficult to stand out. 

So what takes a content writer from good to great? As Sonia Simone (a prime example of brilliance in this field) says, a strong content writer is both "capable and creative".

That is to say, they have the ability to go that little bit further than the competition. They not only possess excellent writing skills and a unique turn of phrase, but they instinctively know how to present their content in a compelling way. They find an angle that no one else has thought of; they raise the question that has not yet been asked.

Great content writers combine practicality with novelty.

They make your organisation SHINE.