Buyer personas - we know we need them, but defining them is another matter entirely. They are key to engaging with the right people at the right time. They inform the content that we spend hours planning, creating and sharing. 

But we so often get them wrong. 

Adele Revella points out a common problem: profiling the buyers instead of their buyer's decisions. Yes, fleshing out the personal background of your buyer persona may provide some useful context but, in a B2B environment, this practice is unlikely to hold any real weight. 

The true purpose of your buyer personas is to enable you to understand what is driving the people who will choose to do business with you. Why do they need and want your product or service? Why should they choose you over your competitors?

So it's less important that Head of Marketing Tim just got married and enjoys road cycling at the weekends, and more important that he wants to find a marketing automation solution that will help him to generate more leads and impress his boss - and hopefully receive a pay rise.

In focusing on the decision-making process rather than the person, emotions still play a crucial role, as the above example shows. The best buyer personas help you to create content that hits your audience in the (business) heart.