I do love the spoken word. 

Whether I'm listening to news programmes or documentaries on [BBC] Radio 4, dramas and comedy on 4 Extra or music interviews on 6 Music - it's a medium that I honestly can't be without.  

Why? Because the spoken word - without the distraction of the visual - allows me to truly absorb what the speaker is saying to me. I focus on their words, I listen intently, I learn, I laugh, I cry (I challenge you to listen to some people's stories without doing so). 

And recently, I find that there's a new dimension to this love affair: the podcast.  I'm not alone, of course, in my enthusiasm for sourcing and consuming aurally-stimulating content on the subjects that I covet (in my case, B2B marketing podcasts) at a time that works for me. 

The best kind of podcasts allow you access to the latest news and trends in your industry; to hear the views of key influencers; to listen to debate amongst your peers on the issues affecting and challenging you. 

For marketers, the helpful post below from Precision Marketing Group suggests the Top 5 marketing podcasts you should be listening to right now and, unsurprisingly, the list is full of marketing "rockstars"... Acunzo, Pulizzi & Rose, Vaynerchuk, Joel. 

If you are an aficionado of all things digital, content and inbound marketing you will not fail to be entertained by the podcasts highlighted here. Whether that's hearing the thoughts of respected experts, enthusiastic defences or whole-hearted rejections of recent trends or ideas, or appreciating the banter around newsworthy marketing industry topics.

But, the eagle-eyed amongst you will see that I mention 6 podcasts in my title, as I'd like to include Marketing Over Coffee in my own list of top listens. 

The hosts, Christopher Penn and John Wall, record the show in a local coffee shop - with all the ambient noise that infuses - and chat to their guests for around 20 minutes or so about all things marketing.  It's a very easy, entertaining and thought-provoking listen, in my mind (save the ads - but heck that's a podcasting necessity, it seems).

One of my favourite recent episodes was an interview with Simon Sinek (of "Start with the Why" fame): it begins with Sinek describing his new game-theory of business, where the forward-thinkers and disrupters are playing the "infinite game" and those companies obsessed with the competition play a more "finite game"; he then reminds us of how true leaders can inspire their people; and lastly, our host - Penn - gleans from Sinek his perspective on the current Presidential election ("perhaps we get the politicians we deserve?") and, in the same, discussion offers his thoughts on the increasing commodification of the news. Enjoy!