Many a B2B blogger has asked themselves: "What on earth do I write about next?" It can kill your creativity when you feel like you've covered all the key topics in your niche from multiple angles.

So what can you do? Should you hang up your blogging mantle until inspiration strikes? Or is there another way? 

Founder and CTO of WordStream Larry Kim thinks so, and I would agree. Instead of despairing over a case of writer's block, go wide and explore topics that are related to but may not entirely fit into your niche. (They could also be completely unrelated - Larry's a fan of unicorns and memes - but it's how you use them that counts.)

If the art of writing is feeling less imaginative than you might have hoped, tackling an issue that you feel more passionate about will remind you of the power of words to convey ideas, engage people - and win business. Bolstered by these rediscoveries, you can return to your niche with new vigour and determination. 

This tactic not only keeps the creative juices flowing, but it also enables you to extend your reach and influence. Done well, it creates that coveted buzz around your brand as people come to view you as an interesting source of insight and information. 

So if you're feeling uninspired, why not make a diversion along your blogging journey.