The lines between sales and marketing should be blurring by now. That is not to say the lines should be less evident for the customer; rather they should not exist at all between the Sales and Marketing function. Or not, at least, in the way they used to.

It does not seem long ago that Marketing were routinely accused of hurling sub-standard leads over the wall to Sales or, conversely, Marketing were bedazzled by the seeming incompetence of Sales when it came to closing out the leads they generated.

But with sophisticated sales and marketing software, acceptance of content marketing as more than a ‘phase’ and recognition of ‘context’ in a customer’s experience of connecting with you, one has to ask, is it even possible to keep the two departments apart anymore?

After all, are they not intrinsically linked as part of your ‘revenue’ department today? Yes, Sales and Marketing are different skill sets and attract various types of people but, diversity is good. Diverse teams do better.

In the face of disruption everywhere, we need new models, new rules and a new approach. We need to break the mould and reimagine how we get stuff done.

So any opportunity to close the gap and improve traction between Sales and Marketing is pretty much guaranteed to improve the outcome for both your customer and your business.

And, with that in mind, take a look at three smart ways of improving the flow through your funnel in this post from Amanda Cook writing on Copyblogger, and see if these actions could be carried out by your new SMarketing department.