With over two hundred factors influencing how Google ranks your site, you might be forgiven for avoiding the issue altogether and simply focusing on the best quality content and experience you can offer up to your visitors.

As it turns out, you would not be so wrong if you did so. In this recent post from Moz, the author eludes to a conversation they had with a representative from Google where they confirmed, the two biggest factors influencing search results are content and links.

Of course, there is always a science to how we can do things better, bigger, faster, etc. But, without the need for a deep technical understanding of the way things work with SEO, you can nail it by simply focusing the larger portion of your efforts on creating remarkable content. 

Mind you, it will need to be remarkable for exactly the right type of person at the right stage of discovery. But at least you can take solace from the fact that the web eradicates the need for you to publish it at the right time. The idea being they will find it when the time is right for them - assuming it's there.

As long as this all leads to quality links back to your high-value content, you are in clover - simples!