How do you work best? 

As someone who spends most of the day writing - or trying to write! - how to be as productive as possible is a burning question. Sometimes the words flow, other times it's like getting blood from a stone. You get the picture...

Of course, your working environment plays an important role in getting stuff done - or not. Writing for The Happy Manifesto, Claire Lickman identifies two key environment types: the cave and the campfire. 

The former conjures an image of a lone employee, head bent over their desk as they type furiously; perhaps breaking to gaze thoughtfully into the distance. The latter summons a picture of an energetic worker swinging around in their chair to bounce an idea off a colleague; working in bursts and taking time out to chat with others. 

But I would suggest the two are not mutually exclusive when it comes to writers. 

Yes, often writing is best done in isolation. You need to concentrate; to mull over the words on the page; to fine-tune your arguments. But sometimes the silence becomes deafening. You need to ask a colleague if a sentence makes sense; to wrangle over a point; to distract yourself from a case of writer's block. 

So that's why the concept of varied working environments is spot on. As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest - switching things up might be all it takes to get those creative juices flowing.