Advances in AI and machine learning have made huge inroads in the way in which industries manufacture, engineer and design. But - have you considered the benefits of AI and machine learning for marketing and sales?

In the article below Brandon Reynolds discusses 10 ways in which AI will change the customer experience. As a marketing or sales professional - it is your role to react to these changes or get left behind. 

Christopher Penn shared his views on: AI and Machine Learning for PR and Marketing  on one of my favourite podcasts: "Marketing over coffee", which is well worth a listen. Penn discusses how we have been using machine learning in marketing for over a decade, but we probably just haven't realised it. Anytime you use Excel or Google Analytics for example - you are using 'machine learning'. 

The potential power that artificial intelligence could have  to your sales and marketing team is phenomenal. The big players are doing it already - hardly a week goes by without a press story on how Facebook, Amazon, Google or IBM are adopting new strategies or using data differently. Penn discusses in detail how you could adopt their strategies to your own needs.