Inbound marketing, by its very nature, needs to respond to what is actually happening. Whether it is the provenance of a visitor and what type of device they are using, or maybe where they are, or if they have been here before - all of this, and more, could and should impact the experience they get from connecting with us.

The sophistication of technology in the field of sales and marketing today is at a level where we risk falling behind our competitors if we are not leveraging opportunities to better connect with prospects in this way.

While this is almost universally understood by savvy marketeers today, on the sales floor of many companies, there is still a marked disconnect. 

Aligning your sales and marketing has never been more important, and providing Sales with the context of a prospects experience of connecting with the company will enhance the conversation they come to have with that person.

It is when both Marketing AND Sales align and unite to support the customer experience that we truly respond to each customer in a way that might seem remarkable to them.

Inbound will continue to grow and evolve, but it has always been about responding to change.