It is no secret that the landscape for Sales is changing. As discussed in our blog here, the HubSpot State of Inbound Report 2016 shows that changes in customer behaviour are widening the gap between buyers’ expectations and sellers’ tactics. Buyers just do not want to talk to Sales anymore, the buyer holds the power, and this is not going to change, so the onus if on Sales to adapt. 

In the article below Mike Lieberman discusses "The Top 5 Inbound Sales trends". The trend that jumped out the most for me is the change in the personality of sales people. 

Traditionally, salespeople are characteristically dominant and 'prey' driven - hungry to cut to the chase - like an eagle. But this personality does not fit with Inbound. Instead, recruiters are looking for analytical and conscientious personalities - or 'Owls'. Sales must be able to listen to their buyer's requirements and provide recommendations and solutions and be prepared to offer an alternative, even if this means not securing the business.  

Buyers today want to be advised, counselled and educated through their individual buying process. The key role of Sales now is to make buyers feel safe and comfortable in their decision making. 

But, salespeople are not alone on this journey. The other trends identified in the article below are there to support them. Technology will play an increasingly important part in Sales, with advanced CRM systems and analytical tools empowering Sales like never before. The businesses who can adapt to these trends are the ones who will fare the best in the evolving landscape.