If you're a business that has content creation at the heart of your marketing efforts, your writers will be familiar with the constant challenge of maintaining a regular output of new and original work that will generate interest. 

But with research from HubSpot showing that a significant proportion of their traffic and leads emanates from older blog posts, perhaps some of the burden might well be relieved by simply showing your historic content some "t.l.c".

In his useful post on repairing underperforming content, Aaron Agius offers some hints and tips on how to revitalise and nurture your older writing to ensure that it creates value.

What would rank as "underperforming"? Well, Agius suggests that you look at those posts where organic traffic has dropped off, where social engagement isn't what you would have expected, or where people aren't clicking through to the content despite sharing it socially. 

Once you've identified the content where vital signs are weak, it's time then to think about your resuscitation opportunities. 

Agius lists nine areas for consideration in this operation: he includes advice on the possibly more obvious opportunities, like more discerning headline optimisation and greater use of long-tail keywords; he speaks of the more subtle tweaks like amending your meta description to make it more compelling; and he proffers ideas on more profound reworking of your writing, like re-evaluating content in line with searcher intent (is what you've written about actually what your visitor was looking for?) or the consolidation of the number of pieces into one weightier piece. 

Food for thought definitely, when the reward for a small amount of care might well be significant...