Hear that? Those are death knells sounding in San Francisco. The undertakers are measuring up. Twitter isn't feeling too well. 

Twitter hasn't grown appreciably since 2014. It's flatlining and the northern California vulture community is limbering up, getting ready to do some serious circling.

I've been on Twitter since 2009 and in the early years found it to be a vibrant place where I could learn things, exchange ideas and have a laugh. I met new people and made real business connections. But my own recent usage has mirrored Twitters slowdown. I'm just not spending as much time there as I once did.

Speaking to Jorgen Sundberg of Link Humans, James Tozer of The Economist outlines some of the issues Twitter is having, namely a proliferation of trolls and junk that make the user experience challenged when compared to the more controlled environment of something like Facebook.

Tozer thinks the new algorithm Twitter introduced can help by putting the most relevant information in front of each user. He suggests that Twitter will have to pay much more attention to user experience.

Twitter can still be useful for business but we may have to live with a little short-term pain before things pick up again.