With Halloween around the corner, the article below about 'Ghosting', from Adam Honig from Spiro, caught my eye. 

“Ghosting’ - the act of suddenly ceasing all communication for no given reason can happen in all areas of life. Avoiding uncomfortable situations is something everyone is guilty of at some point. In this context, Adam relates it back to the sales process and gives some useful insights into what to do when your prospect stops responding. 

After investing time carefully building a relationship with your potential client, it is natural to anticipate a positive conclusion to your engagement. Technology makes it easier for prospects to slink away. Your CRM tells you they have opened your email; you know your text message has been received, yet unspoken words hang in the air. Nobody likes getting the cold shoulder. 

The key, according to Adam, is to know when it's appropriate to let somebody go by understanding the reason behind the distance. 

Reinforce your position as a helpful advisor. It could be any number of simple explanations. Datahug suggests the following: 

  • Your prospect cannot get enough budget.
  • Your prospect is too busy with higher priority projects.
  • They are working on this project with a competitor.
  • You’re working with a non-decision maker and the opportunity was never identified as a priority with the actual decision makers.
  • Your prospect has a difficult time with conflict and saying no is hard for them.

Try to find out why have you lost communication. Colleen Francis suggests: "There is a fine line to tread between persistence and stalking." Everyone has their preferred way to communicate. Your job is to find out which communication tool is easier for the prospect.