Let's face it: the B2B world isn't immune to inducing a yawn or two. Some subjects just don't seem to lend themselves to creating interesting content. 

Actually, as Stephanie Stahl says in this article for the Content Marketing Institute (CMI): wrong!

Yes, some subjects are naturally more inspiring than others (although, of course, it's all subjective), but much comes down to the way you engage your audience.

So, are you addressing your reader human to human? Or are you leaving all personality at the door the moment your fingers touch the keyboard? 

Stephanie quotes Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, who remarks that we too often default to creating B2B content that would appear to be aimed at buildings - that is, inanimate, unfeeling objects. 

Instead, we need to write with feeling - always staying on topic, but unafraid to inject a touch of character here and there. Stephanie describes this as the "strong human element" of B2B content. 

In any case, there really is no such thing as a boring topic. Mindy Weinstein, director of training at Bruce Clay, writes: "No topic is truly boring. What might have been boring to me previously, such as rodent removal or extermination, all of a sudden becomes a very interesting topic when I am battling giant tree rats in my attic or car."

If you've taken the time to figure out who your buyer personas are - what problems they are facing and what they really want - then you can be assured that the content you are creating is relevant - and interesting. 

Sure, writing about, say, different types of screws might not compare to crafting copy describing the best, undiscovered eateries in Paris - but each has its place in a particular time and place. 

And each has room for a human touch.