It all started with Doug Kessler, didn't it? In his (now infamous) eBook, Crap, he identified what many had been feeling about content marketing - that we were being buried in a tsunami of sh*t content. 

In addition to being so "spot on" about the problem, Doug's piece also managed to demonstrate the solution. In order to rise above the deluge, Doug says you need to hit the occasional home run with your content, create pieces that move markets. And with Crap, he certainly did that.

In one of his Whiteboard Friday sessions, Rand Fishkin addressed the issue in a related way but from a slightly different perspective - that of SEO results.

Rand suggests that the oft-quoted goal of creating "good, unique content" just won't cut it anymore. That with the new primacy of user experience and earned links, Google's algorithm won't rank your good, unique page or post when it already has countless others just as good or better to choose from. 

Rand says we should be creating content that is 10x better than anything that can be found in the search results. Or don't bother. 

Whether it's Doug's home run content or Rand's 10x content, the message is clear: your content just isn't good enough.