Despite our best intentions, sometimes our content marketing projects just don't go to plan. Ideas don't materialise, deadlines are missed, and chaos ensues. Therefore, it's vital to have in place a strategy to deal with the fallout - and to restore order.

Karla Cook outlines six steps to saving a project that's gone off the rails. The first one is particularly pertinent: "Acknowledge that things aren't going so great." Denial is a powerful - and potentially dangerous - force. It's all too easy to bury your head in the sand and hope that things will work themselves out - generally, they don't. In fact, the situation may worsen. 

Karla says: "Whether you're dealing with a big problem or some smaller difficulties, the earlier you acknowledge them, the better. If you leave those seemingly less urgent issues to fester, they could cause major project disruptions down the line. Be vigilant for signs of potential catastrophe."

Awareness and acceptance are the first steps towards change. Once you have recognised and faced up to the fact that your content marketing project is off-kilter, you can restore the balance. Karla outlines a process for doing so in the remaining steps. 

And her last point? "Learn from it." Just as acknowledgement is key to change, learning is fundamental to sustaining that change. With your newly-acquired knowledge, you can tackle your next content marketing project with confidence.