I love a good infographic. 

What's not to like? After all, someone has most kindly taken the time to extract statistics, research or facts, of whatever ilk, and transform them into something of beauty. 

The best examples of infographics use intelligent design to present data into easily digestible visual stories. They condense useful nuggets of information into perfectly formed, aesthetically pleasing, knowledge maps for the audience to consume.

HubSpot loves a good infographic too, and last month, Amanda Zantal-Wiener compiled a list of some of the "best in class" from 2016. In the post, Zantal-Wiener highlights exemplars that make great use of colour, illustration, white space, font and tone, to convey the information that they depict. 

There's something in here for most people, as she chooses infographics that present data from all fields: from music in the workplace to female entrepreneurs to "how to avoid a hangover".  

One of my particular favourites is attractive and helpful "How to leave your worries behind" infographic from happiness scientists, Happify.com, which lays out 14 ways to stop worrying - not a bad approach to the beginning of the New Year.  

So, there you are: 10 great infographics for you, mixing visual appeal with some fascinating statistics and research... you're welcome!