It's easy to be seduced by numbers in the game of B2B blogging. High volumes of traffic and lots of views make for a great picture - but, we need to look a little closer. Upon inspection, we might find that our eyes have been deceived - the old master's is a fake. 

Will Kerschbaum highlights nine B2B blogging myths that are still alive in 2017, including: "Your blog needs to attract more visitors." He writes: "More visitors doesn't always mean better. In fact, fewer might be better - at least, for a time."

Bigger isn't always better and quality trumps quality for B2B blog traffic. A handful of engaged visitors, who have a genuine interest in the topics you're writing about and who are facing issues that you can solve, are more valuable than a mass of disinterested visitors, who have landed on your post by accident (perhaps, for example, because it isn't targeted enough at your buyer personas).

Think about it this way: if you attract 100 visitors a blog post, and three of those click on your call-to-action and convert to a lead, that's a conversion rate of 3 per cent; by comparison, if you attract 10 visitors, and three of those become a lead, that's a conversion rate of 30 per cent. In the latter example, you can assume that you are attracting more relevant visitors to your website. 

That's not to say that you shouldn't seek to drive more traffic to your website and your blog, just that it's more advisable to attract the right visitors - those who will convert to leads and, hopefully, customers.