Creating B2B content is one thing; creating B2B content that captures the attention of your target audience and generates leads (who go on to become customers) is another thing altogether.

60 per cent of content produced by brands is clutter, according to the 2017 "Meaningful Brands" survey (powered by Havas Group). It is "declared as poor, irrelevant or failing to deliver". In fact, the survey found that people wouldn't care if almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of the brands they use just disappeared.

Those are worrying figures. The research was carried out across 1,500 global brands in 33 countries and 15 different industry sectors - clearly, this is a big problem. Therefore, your content needs to be truly valuable; it needs to address the needs and answer the questions of your target audience. 

However, it doesn't matter how fantastic your content is if no one is reading it or noticing it; if it fails to stand out from the crowd. As Neil Patel says: "The right headline matters." If your headline doesn't catch your reader's eye, you've lost them.

Neil suggests that each headline for a piece of content should fulfil three criteria. It should be short, impactful and relevant. It's hard to argue with that advice: the idea is to spark your reader's interest immediately.

It's all too easy to rush the process of crafting headlines - to think, "that will do", or to leave the headline to last when you just want to hit publish. However, crafting good headlines takes time. Neil says: "When I'm producing content, I can sometimes get lucky and come up with a great headline quickly. More often than not I spend as much time coming up with a headline as I do writing content."

Returning to the "Meaningful Brands" survey, it follows that 40 per cent of content produced by brands is not clutter - it's worth having around. Powering up your headlines is just one way to ensure your content is of the brilliant kind.