I thought I'd jump on the Valentine's Day bandwagon and inject a little love into my post today. 

However, if all those red roses and soppy messages leave you feeling nauseous rather than aflutter, fear not - I want to comment on Lucy Gower's nine-point guide to making your boss fall in love with your ideas.

While I don't entirely agree with Lucy's suggestion that you're likely to be "met with nonchalance, indifference or negativity" when you present a new idea to your boss, she offers some great advice.

I particularly like Lucy's recommendation that we should become storytellers: "As human beings we're hard wired to learn through stories. Your ability to tell tales of the brighter future with your idea in it could be the difference between your innovation staying on the drawing board, or making it to the marketplace."

In the world of B2B marketing, we always talk about the importance of stories - they are how we engage and connect with our target audience. So, it makes sense to apply the same logic when vocalising your vision for change (however minor or major) to your boss. You need to show them why your idea is worth paying attention to - and how it can solve one of their pain points.

As an additional piece of advice, I would add this: remember that your boss is only human. Be prepared, be professional, be compelling - but don't be afraid to speak up.