Increasingly, the spotlight is on the importance of aligning sales and marketing. Deep down, we all know that these functions are two sides of the same coin - but, sometimes, the reality can be a little different. Sales don't always have the best opinion of marketing and vice versa.

Discord between the two will have a negative impact on your organisation, so achieving harmony is essential. In her article, "5 myths about sales and marketing alignment debunked", Stacey Thornberry says: "When sales and marketing aren't aligned, you'll run into inconsistent messaging, battles over lead quality, and an 'us vs. them' mentality."

If you're a prospect being subjected to these kinds of incongruities, it's not going to sit well with you - and a company that previously looked like the right fit for your needs may instead seem unappealing. 

Both sales and marketing are working towards the same end goal: to drive business. Prospects are more likely to progress the entire way along the buyer's journey if their experience is holistic; if each interaction they have with your organisation builds on and supports the last. They don't want to be hearing mixed messages that fail to correlate. 

Sales and marketing each have a vital role to play in their own right, but when they work cohesively together they create something even more valuable.