I admit whilst I use Facebook socially, I don't really have any experience of using it for business. And yet, with an oft-quoted statistic that the Facebook users number some 1 billion these days, it's clear that there's much value to be leveraged from offering your content to such a significant audience.

Luckily Karola Karlson, writing for the CMI blog, knows all about how to do just that - and here she shares her thoughts on how to get your blog posts in front of the Facebook readership.

Some of the nine tactics hold true not just for Facebook but are universally regarded as key to all successful blog posts. That is to say:

  • ensuring your posts have eye-catching and intriguing headlines (Karlson suggests between 40-70 characters long, which chimes with Lindsay Kolowich's advice here on Facebook posts); 
  • that the writing is compelling and meaningful for your desired audience;
  • and your use of images or illustration is well though out - Facebook is an increasingly visual social medium.

But some of her advice is more specific to achieving results on Facebook. 

For instance, she walks you through how to best target your content at the right people, via the audience selection features. Audiences can, of course, be simply targeted according to their geographic, sociographic, demographic or interest traits; the custom audience feature though allows you to be far more focused, honing your offer for those Facebook users that have visited specific pages on your website or engaged with your Facebook page, or who have not visited it for a certain amount of time.

Then there's guidance on how best to share and boost your posts, and how A/B tests might be useful for comparing what posts work well for you in terms of engagement. 

Lastly, she covers the increasing relevance of using emoji in your posts which, as I recently waxed lyrical about in another Passle, are an excellent device for adding personality and wit to your posts, so that your audience are clearer on how to interpret your messaging.