Someone asks you to describe your products or services, maybe you're at a networking event or exhibition, and you've got a short window of opportunity to make a big impression. Take a second to think about your response, maybe write it down. Now, take a look at the list below from Jill Konrath from HubSpot. If you've used any of the words on the list, rip it up and start again. The language of Sales is changing. The words on the list are overused and are becoming like white noise to buyers. 

Inbound Sales offers an alternative approach.  HubSpot’s “State of Inbound Report 2016” found that salespeople have become the last port of call for modern buyers. Instead, buyers want space and time to do their own research online - 62% of respondents use search and 48% visit a company’s website.  Make your sales process about the buyer. 

Traditional Salespeople are characteristically dominant and 'prey' driven - hungry to cut to the chase - like an eagle. But this personality does not fit with Inbound. Instead, recruiters are looking for analytical and conscientious personalities - or 'Owls'. Sales need to show compassion, be attentive, listen to what your buyers' concerns are. Understand what keeps them awake at night, ask thoughtful questions, provide recommendations and solutions and be prepared to offer an alternative, even if this means not securing the business.