One of our core values at Equinet is always to have a passion for learning.  We seek out ways to become better at the art or science of what we do and share insight to help inform and educate others.

With this core value in mind, I am thrilled to be one of the chosen few, who over the next eight weeks will be working with the (HubSpot) legend that is Dan Tyre on a 'Pipeline Generation Bootcamp'; to further develop my knowledge and expertise in Inbound Sales.

In this week's session, Dan directed us to the article below; originally written in 2015, but updated annually.

The title itself sums up everything that has changed in Sales. Buyers do not want to be sold at. They want to be listened to and understood. 

"The era of the intimidating, fear-inducing "always be closing" salesperson is officially over -- and that’s a very good thing."

Dan outlines three things all sales reps must do in the age of 'Always Be Helping': 

1) Determine if the prospect has a problem you can solve.

If not - walk away. Why? Having the confidence to walk away from a bad fit leads means you have more time for the right people. Square peg, round hole et al. 

2) Understand where your prospect is in the decision-making process.

Unsurprisingly, the model for Inbound Sales is similar to inbound marketing - transitioning prospects through the stages of awareness, consideration, and decision, all the while working to support the buyer rather than the seller. 

Offering a first time visitor to your website a quotation is the online dating equivalent of clicking on someone's profile and instantly asking them to marry you. 

3) Tailor your process to make it easy for the customer to buy.

Everyone is different. A big decision for one prospect can be as easy as breathing in and out for another. A cookie-cutter approach to your sales process does not work. Sales need to be able to adapt to the rhythm of the prospect, without letting them conduct the orchestra; use your expertise and ability to - you guessed it - always be helpful - to guide them in the right direction.