The average piece of content gets depressingly few shares. That shouldn't happen if your content is remarkable. It definitely shouldn't happen if your content is 10x.

Let’s think about the ‘remark' in remarkable - the urge to comment - and content that moves people to react. I’m not a pyromaniac, but I’ve always loved watching the way flames ignite and engulf materials with what looks like such a gentle touch. Shouting is not always the most effective way to capture attention, especially in modern marketing, where people are turned off by interruptive methods. You can easily extinguish somebody’s interest by coming on too strong. Helpful, educative content, on the other hand, sparks interest and broadens influence.

Obviously when you publish something you want people to respond positively, but how are those responses important to your business?

Remarkable content encourages other websites to point to you, and in these links are two main rewards: they send qualified visitors your way, and also improve your ranking for keywords in your field. In his article about keyword research in 2017, Nate Dame of Marketo maintains that keywords still matter today because the majority of online experiences begin with a search - and a search begins with words. It is our SEO strategy that is always evolving, not the need for keywords.  According to Hubspot, 72% of marketers say relevant content creation was their most effective SEO tactic. 

Remarkable content is also easy to share - it functions as a conversation starter - and spreads easily on social. People use content as a springboard when they have something to say. This is great for immediate exposure and helps you get found online. If your content is not being shared, you might want to rethink your message.

Links from other websites are quietly significant too. They don’t expire in the same way social media does, and an increase in links means an increase in traffic from relevant sites - not to mention a boost in authority that results in free traffic from search engines. This is important if you are trying to get found by the right people, at the right time. With Google alone now processing over 40,000 search queries every second on average - the potential for your reach is staggering.

In the book 'Inbound Marketing, these links are likened to new roads being built to a city. Each link from a website enables people to access your products and services more easily. And it’s a good measure of whether or not your marketplace thinks you have remarkable things to say. 

The viral nature of sharing means that a show of interest in quality content from just one person can turn into a social wildfire that is hard to contain. Making remarkable content is a give-to-get exercise and it all starts with a flicker.