Writing is an art, and - like with any other creative process, it doesn't come naturally to everyone. 

Sometimes it can feel like an uphill struggle - you've got writer's block, your first draft received a harsh critique, or a deadline is looming, and you're up against the clock. 

Conversely, other days you are on fire (not literally), you rattle off 1000 words in an hour,  your content is shared by a major influencer, or your blog comes back from your editor without any edits. 

Ellie Burke has identified 22 trials and tribulations content writers face, illustrated pertinently with GIFs. If your job requires you to regularly produce content, I guarantee you will not be able to look through the list without recognising yourself in at least one of them - maybe all. 

Writing involves putting yourself out there and exposing yourself to the scrutiny of others. It is easy to become fixated on creating the perfect piece of content. But perfecting your content is unhealthy, and on top of that, you’re setting yourself up for failure (Sujan Patel).

The article below is a great reminder that perfection is not always attainable. Next time "the perfect title dawns on you after you’ve already published a post"; or you've spent half a day scouring Shutterstock for an image and have (quite frankly) lost the will to live, revisit the article below and feel reassured you are not alone.