Lead generation is at the heart of inbound marketing. As an inbound marketer, your main focus is on attracting the right visitors to your website, converting them into leads, then customers.

As you may already know, this is not as easy as it sounds. Generating leads takes time, patience and a specialised skill set that enables you to apply the best conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tactics to lift your conversion rates.

In this article, Mike Lieberman from Square2Marketing defines 5 best practices to apply when it comes to CRO:

1. Take one step at a time

Is a blue button better than the orange? Did the heading in your form inspire visitors to fill it out? As Mike suggests, make one change at a time, then analyse the results. This tactic will help uncover what works and what doesn't.

2. Swap the headline and subheading

Being creative with the heading and subheading sometimes leads to losing the essence of the message we'd like to give. Don't forget, visitors often skim through your content - spending no more than 10 seconds trying to process your offer. Ask yourself the question, "Did that get my attention?". If your answer is no, then consider leading with the subheading instead and see whether it has a more impactful meaning.

"The reversal is common on a lot of landing pages, home pages and content pages. This one small change can have a major impact on your conversion rates."

3. White space is your friend

Visitors arriving at your landing page and site pages can easily feel overwhelmed if the page is cluttered with too many images, long text and a complicated layout. Striving for an elegant design with lots of white space will make them feel more receptive towards your offer. There are a few things to consider here:

  • Use white space to separate the form and the download button
  • Use colour and contrast to make your CTA visible
  • Use bullet points to make your content easier to digest

4. Visitors are the heroes of your story

Visitors don't care about your company. Remember, you are offering educative and helpful content, therefore it is about them; how they can benefit from reading an eBook or watching a video. Using words like 'you' or 'your' will make them feel like they are the heroes of the story and drive your conversion rate.

5. The power of images

As mentioned earlier, people are scanning through your content. Don't make them think too much about what you are going to offer. Using a big, bold image on your landing pages shows visitors exactly what they will get just by glancing at it.

"Landing pages with images do 56% better than landing pages without images."

If you can deploy these tactics across your site pages, you will see a significant increase in your conversion rate.