Landing pages are like an inbound marketer's right hand when it comes to lead generation. If designed and tested properly they will become a lead generation machine which keeps on giving.

But, without continuous maintenance, service and engineer checkups, machines can break down - and so do landing pages.

How do you design, optimise and maintain your landing pages so they don't lose their functionality over design?

 in this article discusses popular web design trends and how they might or might not work when it comes down to your landing page design:

1. Parallax is only your friend when used properly

Parallax scrolling is a very cool design feature you can apply to your landing page design. Who wouldn't admire background images moving slower than the foreground while scrolling down the page? When done properly it creates a unique way of story telling and a great visual experience for the viewer. 

2. Page load time is inevitable

Page load time is crucial when it comes to conversions. As Mark points out, "40% of visitors to a page will abandon it if it doesn’t load within three seconds."

Massive images will significantly slow your page load time. Resizing images and saving them 'for web' help fix this issue while still allowing your pages to look great.

3. Ghost buttons are truly invisible

Yes, love at first sight. They are elegant and sophisticated. But, do they work on a landing page? If your goal is to make visitors convert by filling out the form on your landing page, then using colour and contrast is something to consider. You want your CTAs to pop, guiding visitors eyes to the main purpose of your page as soon as they land on it.

4. ...and here comes the responsive design

Not optimising your landing pages for mobile is a huge opportunity missed in this digital era where we literally carry the internet in our back pockets. According to Mark, people search for information on their mobile device 80% of the time. Not to mention, Google loves it too!

"Google is rewarding those who have taken the time to build landing pages that respond to the needs of mobile customers."

Using these web design trends wisely will make on impact on your visitor's experience of your page, ultimately boosting your conversions.