Growth mindset is one of those terms that - whilst it's been around a while - is increasingly bandied around as a "de rigeur" buzzword in the corporate world, but suffers from misinterpretation. 

The concept, as you may be aware, originated in the field of education through the work of Stanford University psychologist, Dr Carol Dweck, who was studying the inherent beliefs and attitudes people (and children) have towards learning and intelligence. She coined the term "growth mindset" to describe a more healthy way of thinking about learning. As she describes: "In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point."

In other words, success and development aren't just about being the kind of person (or business) that is flexible, adaptable to change or innovative - it's about having the kind of attitude that truly seeks out growth, cognisant of both the risk and reward inherent in choosing that path.

In this post (below), Paige Lansing Valle of Emotive Brand outlines what she believes are the key benefits to an organisation of embracing a growth mindset. 

She highlights the positive impact of hiring and encouraging true learners - those people that are passionate about expanding their knowledge and seeking out answers and solutions to the challenges that their work brings them. 

There's the importance of allowing your employees to step outside of their daily roles and work on new tasks and endeavours, to broaden skills and areas of expertise within the organisation. And, the advantages to be gained in fostering a culture that acknowledges there will be failure and mistakes made along the path towards growth and development. What counts for both the business and the employee in this case is having the resilience, tenacity and ability to learn and progress having made them. 

Langsing Valle underlines, lastly, how good team health is inherent in those businesses with a growth mindset, with staff more dedicated to a company that encourages them to thrive and "more motivated to do their best because they know that their personal development and hard work is valued."