Running a successful inbound marketing programme requires great strategy, planning and implementation. From email campaigns, eBook writing to consistent blogging we are all focussed on one thing: reaching the targets we established for the month, quarter and year.

Quarterly reports are an effective way of communicating to clients about where you are against those goals, how the campaigns are performing and most importantly, what is the ROI? Clients, board members or MD's are not involved in these activities day in and out, so it is important to give them an overview on numbers and figures to demonstrate the value of marketing to their business.

In this article, Hana Jacover highlights a few tips on creating a high-level and well presented quarterly report. 

The first idea Hana points out is the visual representation of the report. Including charts and graphs helps people understand data quickly without confusing your audience. Using the company's brand colour on all visual elements will make your presentation look professional and forms a brand connection straight away. You can also pull out reports straight from your automation software.

Monthly reporting (or regular reporting) is a huge time saver when creating the quarterly reports. You can start at the beginning and pull in goals that have been achieved each month for each campaign.

Let's face it, not all goals and targets are always reached. Include anecdotal points to explain any project changes and obstacles you encountered and define why your goals were not met.

Always be prepared and don't include data you can not explain. There will always be questions on why? what? and how? so you don't want to feel trapped in the corner when these questions are flying out. Thinking ahead by anticipating who is reading your report, what questions they might have and what their biggest pain points are will help you feel relaxed and on top of your game.

"Remember, this is your chance to show how your marketing efforts are contributing to the company’s long-term goals "