A job for life is no longer a reality. In fact, research shows that one in three workers in the UK has been with their present employer for less than two years. 

This lack of stability is partly attributed to economic factors such as recession leading to an increase in redundancies. But, another trend is a focus on career progression, and employee engagement and companies that are slow to react are likely to find their top people leaving in search of greener grass. What's more, a highly engaged workforce could make the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow (Gallup).

Companies are now judged on how they can provide added value to their employees. The Sunday Times has been compiling a list of the "best" companies to work for, for the past 17 years, with each company being scored against set criteria. Competition to find and then hold on to the best staff is very real.

Here at Equinet, we have a strong culture, shaped by our company values. We follow an agile scrum process, and one of the most crucial elements is a monthly retrospective meeting. the retrospective allows us time to reflect, as a business and as individuals, on the work we have been doing and what we can do to improve it. We all have the opportunity to say what we would like to stop, start or continue doing in the coming month. This applies to any aspect of our work or working environment. 

We also have a monthly 'learning lunch', which can be on any topic which enables us to share knowledge and experience, and ultimately find out more about each other. When I joined the company, I hosted a 'learning lunch' talk on my experience of living with Coeliac Disease to educate my peers, so I can (hopefully) avoid being taken ill at work.

HubSpot (2nd best medium-sized tech company, 2016) recently addressed the challenge of how to cultivate empathy and understanding amongst its two thousand employees across seven global offices. No mean feat. HubSpot culture team decided to use the medium of storytelling and staff put themselves forward to personal stories under the theme of "identity", and the results are phenomenal. The videos are included in the link below.