Photography and artistic experimentation with light and shadows have always been part of my world. I've been taking pictures for years now and I can not imagine my life without capturing images of objects, shadows, nature, and things that look unusual or interesting to me. It sets my mind free and allows me to see the world with a different perspective.

Through the years, I have developed a good habit of focusing on the present moment and noticing the small things around me. I like to take pictures everywhere I go, even if it is a snap with my phone - although the outcome is not always the desired one that way.

Ever since I discovered Instagram, it has become my favourite social media channel. It not only allows me to get creative with my pictures but also lets me share it with everyone and showcase my work. It enables me to be on top of the game even if I don't carry my DSLR camera around.

Instagram is a growing social channel not only for individuals but businesses too. It is a medium which allows you to express your business's culture, connect with your audience and generate new leads and fans.

I really liked this article by Lindsay Kolowich @HubSpot, in which she discusses useful tips on how to gain your first 1000 followers on Instagram. Like flowers won't grow without constant watering, your account needs your daily love and care too. 

She discusses clever ideas on how to best invest your time and effort to maximise the ROI in terms of new followers. From content curation to using your hashtags wisely, following through on these tips will enable you to create a highly remarkable profile worth following.