If you’ve read about the merits of online video and are ready to fold it into your marketing strategy, where on earth do you begin!?

Well, it depends where your target audience lie in the buyer's journey

After you've assessed your resources and budget, you will need to tighten up your game plan before moving further. There are many directions a video can take - but if you're not gearing it towards the right viewers then the outcome of your efforts will be diminished. Decide who's watching and then decide what they watch. Be it a product demo, testimonial, explainer or cultural statement, the difficulty will be in matching the right genre to your audience.

A recent blog by Sophia Bernazzani will help you there. It describes different types of video and assigns them to compatible stages in the inbound methodology.

Before starting your script, think carefully about which stage you want to aim the content at. This dictates the style that most benefits your video. Are you having trouble spreading awareness of your brand, or is it the case that you have plenty of prospects and a difficulty closing leads? 


At this early stage, the focus is on driving interactions, not conversions - building brand awareness on a surface level. This is a real opportunity to get social.

Make it fun to consume and easy to share.

Educational or humorous content plays well at this stage. Why not try an explainer video, or, budget permitting, some animation?


Moving visitors down the funnel is a challenge for everyone. At this stage you can use video to start introducing your products and services.

Demo videos flourish here - they offer a place to showcase your work and demonstrate key benefits to customers. How-to’s are also a fantastic way to build authority in your field. Conversion videos can be chock-full of info.


If you're having trouble closing sales, you might consider using video to persuade leads to choose you over your competitors. Video is less intrusive than a sales call because prospects can choose to watch and listen in their own time.

Recommendations from happy customers inspire trust and improve your reputation. A case study or testimonial might be the format for you if you have lots of interested traffic and are looking for a push on sales.


This stage is particularly relevant for sectors, like SaaS, that suffer from a heavy churn rate and care deeply about customer retention. 

Customers head online to find information when they have an issue with a product or service. Video designed to answer user queries will take the pressure off of your customer service team and please people looking for a fast answer.

Take the time to categorise the intended audience for your video (according to where they lie in the buyer’s journey) and, using these guidelines, it should be clear to see which type of video will garner a favourable response on social media.