Let's take a step back and recap. What is a landing page? Short and simple, a landing page is a standalone web page with a single focussed purpose: to convert visitors to leads. It is a marketing asset for your website, yet it is isolated as there is no global navigation included. Its job is to convince visitors that the content you are offering meets their expectation and needs.

Since you're asking visitors to fill out a form and give away personal information in return for the free assets or service you are offering, building trust, demonstrating value and optimising your page are all important parts of your lead generation efforts.

Among concentration on copy, layout and CTAs, video should play a role here too. There are numerous benefits video has to offer:

  1. It gives the viewer instant insight into what you are offering
  2. It has a strong trust building element - especially if another human (you or one of your colleagues) is presenting the offer
  3. It's a time saver (we all know "time is money")
  4. It grabs the attention of even the laziest amongst us who actually don't like to read

So, if you feel that this is something you'd like to experiment with, Ritika Puri @unbounce has compiled 5 cool landing page videos which I'm certain that will inspire you.