As an inbound sales and marketing professional, I am always on the look out for inspiration. I'm also a sucker for an 'against all the odds' story, where David conquers Goliath (other analogies are available). 

Possibly more than both of these two things, I'm immensely proud of my Northern roots, and more specifically any story that paints my childhood stomping ground of Grimsby in good light. 

Grimsby has had some bad press in recent years, most notably when it was voted the worst place in England to live in 2016; so I was pleased when I came across the article below in which Steve Phillip singles out a Grimsby based florist Kate Lister for her social selling skills. 

Yes. A Florist. From Grimsby. Having success on LinkedIn - not Facebook. 

Using Kate's profile as a case study, Steve outlines some useful hints and tips on how to improve your engagement and ultimately win more business using LinkedIn. He puts Kate's success down to her ability to challenge the status quo - to stand out from the crowd. And, with the way in which she engages with people who comment on her posts. She turns up, and she sparks debate, she generates conversations. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? 

People do not want to be sold to, and LinkedIn is no exception. Adopt an inbound marketing approach to your social channels. Be helpful, informative and build trust. "More people will then buy-in to you first, which makes the act of selling your particular product or service much, much easier".

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