There is quite literally no escaping social media. When you work in marketing keeping the divide between 'work' social and 'social' social can be even harder to achieve; they are the same channels after all. And I don't just mean Facebook and Twitter, but also LinkedIn. Who else is guilty of checking their LinkedIn accounts on evenings and weekends?  (I'm sure it is not just me...)

But, to always be mentally engaged with work is bad for your mental health and damaging to your relationships. However, you cannot just go offline for a week or two and expect your social to take care of its self. 

So, how do you disconnect when you are on holiday? 

Thankfully, it’s possible to schedule social media content in advance, but that’s only half of it. Breanne Thomas gives seven tips for what to do before, during, and after your holiday as a social media manager. 

The advice is excellent, especially on how to create an emergency plan, which includes: what counts as an emergency, who should be notified and when, and how you should be notified should the issue escalate. This should be included as part of your overall social media policy, which lays out clear guidelines on acceptable behaviour on social. If you do not have a social media policy, download this free tip sheet as a guide. 

I also love Breanne's idea of removing all social apps from your phone and disconnecting your work email for the duration of your holiday. I think taking a break from social altogether is a very good idea. I go away on Friday, I may see how many days I can last!