As I previously wrote, coming up with new ideas for content is hard work. Any hack or tool that can help get the creative juices flowing is a welcome relief for content writers. 

If you are a small business with limited resources, you may feel the pinch more than most, without fellow writers to bounce ideas off or budget to outsource expertise to an inbound marketing agency.

Below is a list of nine websites to help you generate content ideas or streamline your processes to maximise the potential of your hard work. Some are free to use, others you need to be a subscriber, but all are valuable resources.

The one that stood out for me is the HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator. Equinet Media are a HubSpot Gold Partner, and yet I had never come across this tool. It is incredibly useful for giving you ideas for topics, or potential titles for posts. Just simply fill in the fields with terms that you’d like to write about, and HubSpot come up with a week’s worth of relevant blog post titles in a matter of seconds! Pure Genius.

One I would add to the list, possibly to replace no. 4 is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. I use this tool every time I write a post to help me sense check my chosen title. It gives you an overall score and suggestions for improvements, and I find it more user-friendly than the headline analyzer tool suggested below.  

Next time you are struggling with your writing, give one of these tools a try?