Every word, every sentence and every blog that I publish, you can guarantee I have it written on paper somewhere. 

Some people glare. Necks craned, eyes wide, they wonder... 'why has she stopped tapping?'

But there are others who agree. And even some of the best known writers practice this approach themselves.

I maintain the belief that despite the proliferation of apps and digital mediums, there really is nothing like a good notebook and pen. 

I remember those hours spent in stationery shops hunting down the latest 'Groovy Chick' pencil case, so I'm guessing I'm not the only millennial who holds this belief. 

"Can you still buy pencils?" I hear Generations Z's mutter as they peer momentarily from their blue light-induced haze (no offence, gen zeds).  

I always knew it enhanced my creative flow, and this article concurs with those beliefs. 

Ideas come more naturally. You're less distracted. You're free from the arduous task of losing flow mid-sentence to correct 6 typos. You can be safe in the knowledge that even if your scribbles are illegible, you have a hard copy of exactly what's going on up here *taps forehead*. 

Also, handwriting has no mercy for serial deleters. And you should never delete your ideas.

It's not that I'm a luddite, but there are some things your computer just can't help you with:



Brain dumps. 

Writing incomprehensibly in attempt to keep up with your brain. 

Handwritten love letters. 

Scented gel pens. Yep. Scented gel pens.

Notepads with your name on. 

Ink spillages.

Maybe it's a wistful urge to hold onto my early noughties youth - when English exams consisted of writing for two hours straight (I couldn't feel my thumbs after) - but I want to salvage the creative nourishment that hand-writing fulfils, in an attempt to claw back the very reason I took up writing to begin with. 

There's something innately satisfying about putting pen to paper, so whether you're suffering a minor creative hurdle or a major case of writers' block, I suggest you return to the age old method of scribbling. And why not treat yourself to a scented gel pen while you're at it?