As a professional jazz saxophonist, it's fair to say that my other half lives and breathes all things musical.

A passionate player and teacher, he's always on the look-out for nuggets of high-quality, online content, whether to deepen his own knowledge or to pass on to his students. The challenge though is being able to sift through the vast array of digital offerings to uncover material that is authentic, relevant and engaging.

His most recent find is the music teaching site The Musical Ear by LA-based jazz pianist Julian Bradley. And, to my surprise, while he normally eschews signing up for anything that could potentially clutter his inbox, he has eagerly subscribed to this particular musician's weekly email newsletter. 

So what is it about this specific content offering that makes it stand out? 

As the article below from online magazine Entrepreneur aptly describes, it's surprising how open your customers can be to receiving regular communication, if that message is well targeted

And as the article goes on to explain, a recent MarketingSherpa survey showed that 61% of email users would be happy to receive a promotional email once a month. And a surprising 15% of users said they wouldn't mind receiving an email once a day.

In the case of musician Julian Bradley's online offerings, it's the clarity of his explanations, his engaging and instantly accessible approach and his genuine willingness to demystify a complex subject that makes his emails captivating, much-anticipated and enthralling to read.