I always thought I was pretty familiar with artificial intelligence.

Ever since the day my better half returned home with an Alexa bot and ten Wi-Fi plugs, in a bid to turn our ‘regular home’ into a ‘smart home’, I’ve rolled my eyes at the idea.

Yep, stubborn old me was quick to repudiate the concept; a new level of laziness that will ultimately result in the devolution of human kind, I thought. We use our intelligence and strength to create robotics, so that we no longer need to use our intelligence and strength.

Use it or lose it, right?

Well, perhaps not. 

Since joining the Equinet content team, I've realised my familiarity was inherently limited. A key requirement of my role is to create written content for our clients in the technology and manufacturing sectors. Industries that have steadily employed the benefits of AI before it became a commodity.

Widening my knowledge of the subject has lead me to see the vast opportunities that bots and AI bring for the future of humankind. Opportunities to expand skill sets and move away from dangerous, monotonous roles. Opportunities for agile working solutions that improve the work/life balance. 

Bots are becoming so versatile, they're now earning their place in the marketing sector. 

Will you be adding AI-based assistants to your payroll?