Many of us will have memories as a kid of being cajoled into attending a music lesson, club or some other after-school activity that we'd really rather not have had to do. 

For the twelve-year-old me, it was clarinet lessons that were the cause of much eye-rolling, stress and consternation. The truth was though, the main reason I dreaded the weekly lessons was that I simply didn't practice! 

And as much as I fantasised that the fairy godmother of woodwind instruments would descend from the sky and endow me with some type of virtuosic talent, my dogged resistance to following any kind of practice routine was always going to be my biggest stumbling block. 

Fortunately, with our son, his musical endeavours are proving far more fruitful. First and foremost, he's passionate about what he's doing. And so with that passion serving as the fuel, we've mutually agreed on a set of values to help shape and support his efforts. 

In the case of his piano practice, little and often is the mantra. And as he's discovering, just 10-15 minutes a day of consistent effort is reaping surprising results, which in turn keeps him focused and enthusiastic and which creates a kind of virtuous cycle.

When it comes to blogging for business, it comes as no surprise that the same kinds of values apply, as blogger Megan Hendrickson highlights in her article below.

Here are the top four takeaways from her post:

  • Content and consistency are the keys to successful blogging
  • Always ask yourself, what makes this content helpful and interesting?
  • Write as often as you possibly can
  • Leave your perfectionism at the door and just get started