We're not the only inbound agency who loves our team - if they're happy, our clients are happy and the business is happy. 

We have five core cultural values that we believe embody who we are at Equinet and how we will work with you.  And true to the teachings of folks like Patrick Lencioni, in his “The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive” and EOS, we hire new people with those cultural traits top of mind. 

We strive to be the best employer we can be, in terms of our approach on work-life balance: ensuring that we consider child-care needs, welcoming dogs - like the fabulous Woody - into the office, and are cognisant of good housekeeping when it comes to the very real health needs of our coeliac colleague

And, most importantly, we try to have fun. 

On top of the usual office Christmas get-togethers, we have a monthly Equinet HappyHour at our wonderful local pub the last Friday of every month, and in its infancy is our new book club, where the keen readers among the team choose a novel to review and rate. 

Our hilarious summer party this year saw us emulating TV's Total Wipeout as we soggily bounced and clambered our way around Box End Aqua Park. And the latest idea for team Equinet is stolen directly from one of our clients, JJS Manufacturing, whose Curry Club is definitely one to be revered and emulated.  

N.B. One event that we won't be resurrecting is the "Friday Cocktail hour" which, legend has it, happened once at Equinet House and has never been repeated...

Corporate team fun may have been synonymous, in the past, with enforced smiles and having to endure the company of people you'd really rather not be with, but in most enlightened organisations these days that is not at all the case. Your colleagues are like-minded people, who you enjoy being with as they have the same outlook and values that you have in terms of the workplace. 

I've given you 4+ ideas above for fun activities that your team might love - maybe don't try the cocktail hour without a responsible grown up around (!) - and Lindsay Kolowich, writing for the HubSpot blog, has come up with 18 more for you. 

I love the sound of the board game tournament (some people's idea of torture, I realise) and the mystery dinner - definitely be copying those in future. And the cook-off will simply be an advance on the baking activities in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, hosted just today in the office. 

Whatever you do, stay happy!