Let's be fair, we all want to be healthy, look good and feel great in our own body. Sadly these things don't always come easy! 

You managed to eat your 5 a day, but upping those nagging numbers on your Fitbit steps (often sitting below 5k) can be a challenge when you're stuck behind a desk all day.

Waking up at 6am to hit the gym, or being pumped for your post-work run (after sitting in an hour's worth of traffic!) takes cast iron discipline and is often only the behaviour of the admired. And quite frankly, it's not something we're all capable of keeping up long term. Especially during the unforgivably cold English winter!

Either way, there are some really cool ideas on how to sneak exercise into your hectic working day. Believe it or not, you can still get the blood pumping and those legs moving while in the office. 

Being mindful and deliberately looking for opportunities to take "active breaks" will increase your productivity and mental wellbeing.

There's no need for expensive gym equipment or kit. Check out these 'office workout' tips by Lindsay Kolowich @HubSpot. 

So, next time why not:

- bike instead of drive

- walk while on the phone

- speed walk your errands

- speed walk (or jog) during lunch break

- stretch at regular intervals throughout the day (either sitting or standing up)

- take the stairs instead of the elevator

Working out during the working day doesn't have to be long and painful as long as you actively search for the opportunities and take advantage of them.

Now get moving!