Equinet has recently revamped our Instagram presence, with thanks to our latest recruit - Caroline Wise

If you are not a millennial, or an avid social user, Instagram marketing might seem a little daunting. But with 400m daily users, it is not a platform you can ignore. 

It is the social platform I have the least experience in; but with Caroline's help, the whole team is now buzzed up about the prospect. 

Follow our profile, and you can expect a weekend #instagramtakeover as each team member takes over the account and give an insight into their life outside of work. 

This weekend Equinet Instagram hits the streets of Amsterdam with Nikki Rissi (somewhat jealous).  

We will also include links to our blogs, content offers and a behind the scenes look at life at Equinet House. 

In preparation for my weekend takeover, I started looking around for hints and tips, and I stumbled across the infographic below from Entrepreneur

It shows a mix of practical advice and fun facts about Instagram. Like - when Facebook bought Instagram for £1bn there were only 13 employees. Keeeerrrching!

Before you launch a presence on any new social media, it is crucial you revisit your social media policy and update it accordingly. Guidelines for Instagram may vary to LinkedIn, as the nature of the two platforms is so different, for example. Need some help, then click the link below.

Download the Guide to Building Social Media Management Success