As the snow fell over England yesterday (a Sunday) I waited with baited breath for the message all working parent's dread: your child's school is closed tomorrow because of bad weather. 

English snow, in my experience rarely lasts a day, but I get why they felt the need to close. It was the what if's. What if they didn't, and more snow fell, stranding the kids at school. What if the staff can't make it in, and the children get sent home. You get the idea.

The timing couldn't be worse for a snow day. My children and I are moving home on Friday and I only have two working days this week. 

Yet, as an Agile Scrum Master, I still need to ensure my team delivers a full agile scrum's worth of value to our clients. 

How am I going to pull off a week's work in two days, survive a day working from home with two children under my feet and successfully plan a house move?

Well. I started by procrastinating. 

And I'm glad I did as I came across this blog post from HubSpot on how to reclaim an unproductive day. It is packed full of useful hints on how to be productive. By reading it, I feel OK about my day. I realise that I have pretty much followed this plan, and achieved what I needed to do.

I have taken a break every hour or so - mainly to referee an argument between my kids, or to fix them some lunch, or to help them find the remote (that was right in front of them).  

I have done several tasks unrelated to my to-do list. The bonus being the dishwasher is loaded and running, and I'm one load of washing up on the week.

And - I've prioritised my workload between tasks I can get done today, and tasks I need to do in the office tomorrow. 

And I have most definitely not lost sight of what is in store - Christmas in our new home.