Dan Tyre is a legend. I was invited to join a HubSpot 'Pipeline Generation Bootcamp' ran by Dan last summer and I learnt more about Sales (and myself) in 8 weeks than the whole of my 15+ year career. 

Dan is an exceptional salesperson, all-around good guy, and also an insightful and talented writer that says it how it is. Whenever I am looking for inspiration or researching a blog post, I look at his content.

This week, while researching a blog post on inbound sales funnels I came across the post below which lists eighteen sales tactics that you need to stop. Some are old-school techniques like cold calling, with which I think most of us now agree. 

Here are a few of my favourites:

Stop thinking that being on social media is enough

It's not. Setting up social accounts which then rapidly grow dust is more damaging than not having them at all. 

If you are neglecting your social channels, or worse still - are still not sold on the benefits, Dan suggests that you should focus time to update profiles, post professional pictures, and schedule meaningful content, and then set aside 30 minutes a week to post fresh content. There are many tools out there to help you schedule content, so there is no excuse.

Stop playing telephone tag with your prospects

Is there anything more frustrating in business than trying to schedule a meeting and it takes multiple phone calls and emails just to agree a date and time? 

The meetings app in HubSpot Sales takes this pain away. It is professional, efficient, gives the buyer control, and starts the relationship in an efficient, low-annoyance way.

But if you do not have HubSpot Sales there are several alternative platforms you can try.

Stop forcing every prospect through the same sales process

While I would argue having a documented sales process is essential, expecting every lead to react the same way throughout your sales process is antiquated and unrealistic. 

Be flexible in your approach to each account, and learn how to read the signs and determine the appropriate next steps for every prospect.

Read the full article below, and follow Dan on Twitter

He is the epitome of inbound sales, I've never met a guy who is more willing to help.