Social media started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. But it's now become ingrained in many our professional lives too. 

But, just because employees have social accounts, it doesn't mean they understand social for business. Do not get lulled into a false sense of security and assume you do not require any formal social media training.

B2B social is very different to your personal social and without a social media policy, you run the risk of your employees using social media in a way which is damaging to your business, either deliberately or out of ignorance.

Free tip sheet: How to set a social media policy

The article below from The Guardian gives some useful tips to help you walk the blurred lines between your personal and professional self online.

Choose friends wisely - Think about who you associate with on your social channels and whether it is appropriate to mix business with pleasure. Do not add your whole department on Facebook, and then use your feed to vent about work, for example.

Set up alternative profiles - if you do not want your personal life associated with your work life it is wise to set up alternative profiles. 

For example, I have two Twitter accounts. One I use to vent, research, and get advice and support about living with Coeliac Disease. I also have a professional Twitter account where I share my content and get inspired by my fellow inbound marketers

If in doubt -play it safe - For both personal or professional accounts, it is always wise to think about who your potential audience is and whether the post is appropriate. 

Even if you do have separate profiles on social channels unless you have your privacy settings nailed down, it is not too difficult to make the connection between someone's personal and professional account. 

Google Yourself - Undoubtedly nowadays recruiters and employers will be monitoring your social activity. Get ahead of any potential problems by googling your name and see what information about you is in the public domain. Do you want your boss to read it?

These are just some ways in which you can maintain a good reputation, both personally and professionally on social media, for more tips, read the article below.