The article below by Dan Tyre of HubSpot raises an interesting point about today's buyers. As inbound marketers, we work tirelessly to create a plethora of helpful and informative content to help prospects make decisions and move them through the inbound sale funnel

But, despite our efforts, many buyers still reach the decision stage misinformed. 

Dan gives some intuitive advice on how to respond when a customer makes a point, raises a concern, or critiques your product/service in a way that’s fundamentally inaccurate. 

The one which resonated with me and got me thinking was his ideas around understanding your buyer. 

While buyer personas are undeniably an essential part of an inbound marketing strategy, they can sometimes lull marketers into a one size fits all approach to inbound. 

Dan suggests understanding your personas is not enough. You also need to understand your prospects learning style and determine their level of sophistication when it comes to digging into the detail about products/ services. 

As part of defining your personas, Dan recommends you ask some of your existing customers complete a DISC or Myers-Briggs personality assessment, and see if any patterns emerge.

He also suggests that prior to every prospect meeting you determine what the prospect would like to achieve during the meeting. This will enable you to tailor your deck or presentation style to the personality of your buyer.